Coffee Grinder Client Visit Us On April Fools’ Day.

Yes, you are right. Our Coffee Grinder client visited us on April Fools’ Day. That’s funny, our client told me he will visit other supplier and come over our new coffee grinder samples. I thought he’s kidding me until he arrive at our office. That’s really a superise, but I like it.

We are not only one-stop CNC machine shop, but also have our own brand stable product, that is manual coffee grinder.

Our client is a big coffee enthusiast, he enjoys grind the coffee bean with manual coffee grinder, he said the fresh ground coffee smells makes him relax and feel happy.

Actually this is his third visit, he was in a hurry every time, but we really had a nice talk. He always shares something about coffee culture and ideas to develop the coffee grinder. Thanks for his kindness.

You could see the big guy from the below picture, unfortunately he do not want we show his face, so I have to take Mosaic on his face. Sorry bro.

If you want to know more about our manual coffee grinder, click Here or Contact Us directly.

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