Does 3D printing really replace the CNC machine?

Rely on unique manufacturing style, the recent 2 years 3D printing technology has a rapid develop. Some people predict: the future market belongs to 3D print, 3D printing will eventually replace CNC machine one day.

What is the advantage of 3D printing? Does it really replace the CNC machine?

In my opinion, high speed and usability is the main reason to promote the popularity of 3D printing.

As we all know, traditional manufacturing method is multi-dimensional machining, while 3D printing can make one-step modeling, which can greatly reduce the amount of auxiliary work, especially for the development of new products and small quantities production of single-piece part.

Then does it really replace the CNC machine according to above advantages ? Of cause NOT.

It will not replace CNC machine at least 20 years. Here are the reasons:

  1. 3D printing cost has high cost.
  2. Less material can be used for 3D printing, many materials that have special requirements for physical and chemical properties can not be printed.
  3. 3D printing can only print a single material, composite material can not print.

As the above problems are difficult to solve, so 3D printing can only be as supplementary , can not replace CNC machine.

If there is any mistake, welcome point it out. As a traditional CNC MACHINE SHOP, what we should do now is control the quality well, and keep learning. Maybe one day 3D printing can be combined with traditional CNC machine.

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3D printing and CNC machine

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