What characteristics does CNC lathe have than ordinary lathe ?

CNC lathe and ordinary lathe have a lot of similarities in processing object structure and technology, but because of the existence of numerical control system, CNC lathe and ordinary lathe have also a great difference.

Compared with ordinary lathe, CNC lathe has the following characteristics:

  1. The use of a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device to prevent the chip or cutting fluid flying out to injure the operator.
  2. The use of automatic chip removal device, CNC lathes are mostly using slantbedlathe structure layout, chip removal is convenient, and easy to use automatic chip conveyor.
  3. Spindle speed is high, the workpiece clamping is safe and reliable. CNC lathes are mostly used hydraulic chuck, clamping force adjustment is convenient and reliable, meanwhile it also can reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
  4. Automatic tool change, CNC lathes are used automatic rotary turret, in the processing the tool can be changed automatically and finish multi-channel process continuous.
  5. Main and feed drive separation, CNC lathe main drive and feed drive using their own independent servo motor, the transmission chain becomes simple and reliable. At the same time, the motor can be a separate movement, and also can achieve multi-axis linkage.

If you know other characteristics about CNC lathe, welcome comment on the blog, we will supplement.

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