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Wuxi Baide Precision Machinery Co., understands that by no means can we make lifetime partnerships with our clients without a top notch team. With over 15 years combined in the CNC Machining industry, our team will be able to assist you in whatever goals and endeavors you have for your business.

Mr. Lou is the founder of Wuxi Baide Precision and Baide Aluminum foil Packaging, He has been in manufacturing since 1990. Lou specializes in streamlining operations and creating business structure and leadership. He worked for American and Taiwan CNC Machined Parts companies before, these experiences helped him take more efficient action in current work.

Yawen Lou, CEO

Mr. Wu has worked in Wuxi Baide more than 10 years, he worked together with Mr. Lou when they both in America company. After Baide was built, Wu was invited to be engineering manager.

Mingdong Wu, Engineering Manager

Mr. Jin has been with Baide for 10 years and in the manufacturing industry for 15 years.  Jin specializes in time management, leadership, and has an ability to produce high level machined parts in a short period of time that is unmatched in the industry.  He has a passion for producing parts the way they are supposed to be made and when they are supposed to be made.

Chao Jin, Production Manager

Mr. Ling joins the Baide team with 3 years experience in Quality Control. Before Baide, Ling worked for America company for 10 years. He specializes in First Article Inspections, verifying parts to blueprint and documentation.

Youcai Ling, Quality Manager

Hans joined the Baide team to bring a new dynamic of service and support to our clients. What the major he learned during the university was International Trade. Before joined Baide team, he worked for Taiwan company for 4 years. He specializes in relationships, a high level of service, and taking care of our partners.

Hans Song, Marketing Manager

Ms. Gu is a valuable part of the management team. She is responsible for all office procedures, shipping, recruiting. She worked in Baide for 5 years and knew every step of company operation very well.

Xiaoqin Gu, Office Manager

Ms. Guo worked for Baide for 10 years, she’s good at financial affairs and has 20 years experiences in financial management.

Congling Guo, Financial Manager

In 2015, Monica joined us.  She has 5 years related experiences. Because of Fast response and Professional service, she was proposed as customer service manager by our clients.

Customer Service Manager

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