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April 16, 2018

Whether it is a large-scale group company or a small mechanical processing plant, it is necessary to manage well if you want to operate and make profits. In day-to-day management, there are mainly five aspects: planning management, process management, organization management, strategic management, and cultural management. These five aspects are a progressive relationship. Only when the first one is done can the next one be managed. Here we will introduce the five aspects of management in detail.

1.Planning management

In mechanical processing companies, planning management mainly solves the problem of whether the relationship between goals and resources is matched. Therefore, program management is mainly composed of three key elements: target, resources, and the matching relationship between the two. The target is the basis of plan management. Plan management is also considered to be target management. To achieve the target management requires strong support from top management, the target must be able to tested, and the target is to confirm these three conditions by top management.

Resources are the objects of program management. Many people think the target is the object of plan management. In fact, the object of plan management is resources, and resources are the conditions for achieving target. The only way to achieve planning is to obtain resources. The best result of planning management is matching target and resources. When all resources can dominate the target, plan management can be achieved; when the target is too large to support, then it is a waste of resources.

2.Process management

The key to improving business efficiency is the process. Process management is also the main tool to break the traditional management. To realize the company’s process, one is to break the habit of functional management, the second is to cultivate systemic thinking habits, and the third is to form a performance-oriented corporate culture. In traditional management, each department only pays attention to the degree of completion of the department’s functions and vertical management, and the functions of the departments often lack complete and organic connections. Therefore, it is necessary to break the functional habits and avoid the decline in the overall efficiency of the company.

3.Organization management

Organization management is a balance between power and responsibility. The balance between these two aspects is the problem that the organization management must solve. The organizational structure design needs to start from four aspects: command unified, one person can only have one direct supervisor. Management scope, effective management range is 5-6 individuals. Rational division of labor, according to the responsibility and professionalism to carry out the horizontal and vertical division of labor. Strengthen professionalism, relieve service awareness and share possibilities, and eliminate people’s worship of power.

4.Strategic management

The core competitiveness provides the potential to enter a diversified market. The core competitiveness should make a key contribution to the value that the customer values, and the core competitiveness should be the three characteristics of the ability of competitors to imitate. Enterprises want to establish their own unique competitive advantages, they must stand at a strategic height for long-term plan. Examine the business operations, the resources and capabilities possessed by them, observe the market demand and the development trend of technological evolution; through the use of the company’s innovative spirit and innovative capabilities, discern the direction of the development of the core competitiveness of company and identify the core competence technology of company.

5.cultural management

Corporate culture is not only the core soul of company, but also the essential characteristics of the company. With the development of company, corporate culture management must undergo a gradual transition from survival goal orientation, rule orientation, performance orientation, innovation orientation, and vision orientation to ensure that the company can gradually grow.

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