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April 19, 2019

Labor productivity refers to the amount of time a worker produces a qualified product per unit time or the time it takes to manufacture a single product. Increasing productivity is a comprehensive problem. For example, improving product structure design, improving the quality of rough manufacturing, improving processing methods, improving production organization and labor management system, etc., in terms of process measures, there are the following aspects:

First, shorten the single piece time quota

Time quota refers to the time required to complete a process under certain production conditions. Time quota is an important part of the process specification and is an important basis for scheduling operations, performing cost accounting, determining the number of equipment, staffing, and planning production area. Therefore, it is very important to make reasonable time quotas to ensure product quality, increase labor productivity, and reduce production costs.

Second, the process single piece quota includes part

1, the basic time

The time taken to directly change the size, shape, relative position, and surface state or material properties of the production object. For cutting, the basic time is the maneuver time consumed by cutting the metal.

2, auxiliary time

The time taken for the various auxiliary actions that must be performed to achieve the process. This includes loading and unloading workpieces, starting and stopping machine tools, changing the amount of cutting, measuring workpiece size, and feeding and retracting actions

There are two ways to determine the assist time:

(1) In a large number of mass production, the auxiliary actions are decomposed, the time consumed is determined, and then accumulated;

(2) In the small and medium batch production, the estimation can be made according to the percentage of the basic time, and it is modified and made reasonable in the actual operation.

The sum of the basic time and the auxiliary time is called the operation time, also called the process time.

3, layout work time

That is, the time taken by the worker to take care of the work site (such as changing tools, adjusting and lubricating the machine, cleaning the chips, cleaning up the tools, etc.), also known as service time. Generally calculated from 2% to 7% of the operating time.

4, rest and nature take time

That is, the time spent by workers in the work shift to restore physical strength and meet natural needs. Generally calculated as 2% of the operating time.

5, preparation and end time

That is, the time it takes for workers to prepare and end their work in order to produce a batch of products and parts. Including familiar patterns and process documents, receiving rough materials, installing process equipment, adjusting machine tools, delivering inspections, sending finished products, and returning process equipment.

In addition, the use of a variety of quick-change tools, tool fine-tuning devices, special tool setting, automatic tool changer, improve tool life, regular placement and placement of tools, fixtures, measuring tools, etc. Service time has practical significance for improving labor productivity. The use of advanced processing equipment (such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, etc.) to gradually realize processing and measurement automation is also an inevitable trend to improve labor productivity.

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Manufacturer of CNC Machined Parts, Sheet Metal Parts certified by ISO9001, SEDEX. Help you from analysis of your needs to engineering and manufacturing your part ideas.

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