How to do customized mechanical parts procurement? Worth collecting

As a new buyer or purchaser, maybe you are not familiar with mechanical engineering industry, here are some suggestions for your reference when you choosing a suitable mechanical parts supplier.

1、 Can understand the drawings

According to the characteristics of parts to select the appropriate supplier.

Slightly understand the size tolerance, shape and position tolerance, material heat treatment, technical requirements, etc., it is the basic knowledge buyer should know.

2、 Can calculate the material cost

Know the part allowance and workblank calculation method, this point can learn from experienced master.

3、 Know the production process

Including heat treatment, special processing technology, etc., do not need proficient, as long as know the rough process procedure.

4、Can calculate labor hours

Know the commonly used machine performance and tool cutting knowledge

5、 Assess the price

Know the local current market approximate machining cost

6、 Inquiry

Have purposeful inquiry, should not be too much, 2-3 is absolutely enough. And check if the status of equipment, workers skills, management model can meet requirement.

7、 Negotiation

Adjust the assessed cost according to the process, point out the shortage. Have negotiation basic skills

8、 Place an order

Set the contract, pay attention to the delivery, payment terms, etc.

9、Tracking timely

10、 Mop-up

Try to do according to above 10 points and keep learning.

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