How to choose a tool for difficult processing materials ?

Requirements for tool material performance when cutting difficult materials

The mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the tool material and the workpiece material must be reasonably matched, the cutting process can be carried out normally, and a longer tool life is achieved. Otherwise, the tool may be abruptly worn and the tool life will be shortened.

According to the cutting characteristics of difficult-to-machine materials, taking into account the particularity of cutting, the following properties should be considered when selecting tool materials: (1) high hardness and abrasion resistance; (2) high heat resistance; (3) Strength and toughness. In addition, the cutting of difficult materials should also pay special attention to the following two points: First, to avoid the tool material and workpiece material between the elements of the affinity between the tool wear caused by increased wear; Second, according to the tool material, Workpiece material and other cutting conditions to choose the best cutting speed.

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