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December 22, 2017

Safety device is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment. It mainly prevents mechanical equipment from danger to operators through its structural function, which can play a very good role in limiting the risk factors such as equipment running speed and pressure. In production, the more common safety devices are interlocking devices, hands-operated devices, automatic shutdown devices, limit devices.

Here we will specifically introduce the types of safety devices in mechanical equipment.

Mechanical equipment common types of safety devices are the following:

Interlocking device

Interlocking device is a kind of device that can effectively prevent machine components from operating under certain conditions. Such devices may be mechanical, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic.

Enabling device

Actuator is an additional manual control device, when the mechanical equipment is officially started, only the manipulation of the enabling device, the machine can perform the intended function.

Stop operating device

The stop operating device is a manual operating device, when manually operated on the manipulator, activates the operating device and keeps operating; when the manipulator is released, the operating device automatically returns to the stop position.

Twohands operating device

The two hands operating is similar to stop operating device, except that the two hands operating device is two-way stop controls that operate simultaneously with the manual controls. Only two hands operate at the same time that can start and keep a part of the machine or machine running.

Automatic shutdown device

A device that stops a machine or its parts when a part of a person or body exceeds safety limits. Automatic shutdown devices can be mechanically driven, such as trigger lines, retractable probes, pressure sensitive devices, etc.; also non-mechanical drive, such as optoelectronic devices, capacitive devices, ultrasound devices.

Mechanical suppression device

Mechanical restraint is a mechanical obstacle device, such as wedges, struts, struts, stop rods etc. The device is supported by its own strength in the mechanism to prevent some dangerous movement.

Limiting device

Limiting device is to prevent the machine or machine elements over the design limits of space, speed, pressure and other devices.

Limited motion control device

The limited motion control device is also referred to as the travel limit device. This device allows machine parts to move within a limited stroke. No further movement of machine parts occurs until the control unit has the next separating action.

Exclusion device

Exclusion devices can exclude the human body from the danger zone by mechanical means.

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