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As a 11 years experience CNC Machining Parts fabricator, Baide-CNC supply reliable one-stop CNC machining service, includes rapid prototyping/end-use part production in a variety of materials, and related machining services.

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CNC Machining Processes

CNC Milling Service

CNC Milling has several advantages over other manufacturing processes. It is cost effective for short runs. Complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances are possible. Smooth finishes can be achieved.

CNC milling can produce almost any 2D or 3D shape provided that the rotating cutting tools can reach the material to be removed. Examples of parts include engine components, mold tooling, complex mechanisms, enclosures, etc.

CNC Turning Service

CNC turning produces parts by “turning” rod material and feeding a cutting tool into the turning material. On a lathe the material to be cut rotates while a cutter is fed into the rotating workpiece. The cutter can be fed at a variety of angles and many tool shapes can be used.

CNC Machining Parts Materials

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Titanium

  • Plastic

the CNC machining of aluminum can perfectly reflect the physical properties and fineness of the parts. CNC machining has become the first choice for aluminum prototyping and small batch production.
We can provide CNC machining of most aluminum, Al6061 / Al6063 / Al6082 / Al7075 / Al5052 / A380, etc.

CNC Machining Parts Surface Finishes


Make the parts anti-corrosion, and more styles to choose.

Sand blasting

Workpiece coating, casting surface, burr cleaning of machined parts, storage of lubricating oil on the surface of the workpiece, beautification of the surface.

Shot blasting

Widely used for various operations such as roughening, deburring, fading, texture, and strengthening of exposed materials.

Wire Drawing

Make the metal surface obtain a non-mirror-like metallic luster


This removes surface contamination, increases corrosion resistance, reduces the risk of product contamination, and allows you to extend system maintenance intervals.

Logo printing

There are multiple ways to create logos, symbols, and text on prototypes or production parts. We can provide Laser marking, silkscreen.


Corrosion Prevention and aesthetics

Chrome Plating

Mirror-like hard Finish

Zinc Plating

Mirror-like protection for aesthetics, anti-rust and other functions.


Sand blasted



CNC Machining Parts Tolerance

our standard dimensional tolerance of CNC manufactured parts is ±0.005mm(0.0002in) . While there’s no certainty to achieve an exact even tolerance on our lathes, routers, axis mills, and 5-axis mills. If you are in need of a specific tolerance, please notify us, we will make a perfect plan for you.



CNC Milling

±0.005(metal) / ±0.05(plastic)

CNC Turning

±0.005(metal) / ±0.05(plastic)

CNC Grinding

±0.005(metal) / ±0.05(plastic)

Surface Finishing


CNC Machining Parts Sample

In the past 11 years, Baide-CNC has produced thousands types of CNC customized parts, The following are some of the CNC parts without NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement).

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